Trend Alert: Fur / Faux Fur


Arguably one of the most controversial trends to exist within the fashion world, fur has been at the subject of many debates for years. Debates centered around questioning where fashion ends and our moral conscience as people begins and whether these two even need to be separated to begin with. Critics of the use of genuine fur have cited animal cruelty in the name of fashion as vain and inhumane. Faux fur has been relentlessly suggested as a viable alternative to fur directly from animals, however, some of fashion’s greatest devotees remain resistant to change, e.g. Anna Wintour and who can forget Kanye West unapologetically rapping “Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor” on Theraflu.

Nevertheless, Fur undeniably remains one of the most luxurious materials at designers disposal. With Charles Ross, the Head of International Marketing for Saga Furs, citing this as the golden age of fur. Be it genuine or faux, fur has has made a notable return on runways, and has impacted international street style trends. It appears to have found a new market as it has become more accessible to a wider consumer base. A younger, edgier, more fashion forward audience has embraced it, offering a new take on a traditionally one dimensional trend.

From traditionally neutral winter tones to hues of deeper shades, fur/faux fur can be seen in statement pieces such as jackets, scarfs, Ushanka’s or less fur-centric approaches with minimal but notable fur accents.


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