Fresh Nation Feature: Carina Mckechnie.

So I’ve decided to introduce a new feature called Fresh Nation that I’m really excited about. Essentially Fresh Nation will feature my style crushes, who they are, their style inspirations, their aspirations, etc. Who doesn’t adore a fab fashionista right?! 🙂 

My first Fresh Nation interview features the incredibly beautiful and stylish London based Carina Mckechnie.


Q: Who is Carina Mckechnie?

A: Free spirit, fashion lover and everything beautiful city girl 🙂

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Simple, chic and glam.


Q: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

A: Bloggers, magazines, people on the streets of London, celebrities.

Q: How has living in London influenced or impacted your personal style?

A: Living in London has exposed me to so much great fashion, I see different trends all the time. I don’t think I would be this much into fashion if I didn’t live here.


Q: What are your favourite fashion trends at the moment?

A: Hmm to be honest I don’t have a favourite fashion trend, I wouldn’t be able to keep up if I did. I tend to wear anything that I like. Although I do like a bit of leather and monochrome, oh and my faves are high waisted ANYTHING 😀


Q: Who do you consider as your style icons and why?

A: I don’t really have a style icon, but if I did it would be Rihanna. Just because she makes sense these days Lol.

Q: What do you think of the international street style scene is at right now?

A: A lot of trends from the back in the day are in style now which I find really interesting, although I wouldn’t wear some of the things.


Q: How different is the street style scene in London compared with South Africa?

A: The street style here is always on the move, there’s always something new and trends don’t tend to last long like in SA, people are very free here when it comes to fashion. They express themselves in different and unique ways. Some people set their own trends in London instead of following what’s already there. I haven’t seen a lot of unique trends in SA.

Q: You effortlessly switch between urban inspired outfits to high fashion ensembles, how do you find balance between the two are which style do you love more?

A: I always like to switch up, it depends on where I’m going to be honest, if I’m just meeting the girls for lunch etc. I prefer the laid back urban look. I do like being all dressy. I’d say I love the whole dressy look more because I love looking classy and pretty.


Q: What are you favourite brands?

A: Prada, Givenchy – mainly for their bags, ASOS (obsessed) I’ve got the app on my phone and I literally go on it every single day! If you had a look at my saved items you’d laugh. Top Shop, also love urban outfitters.

Q: What 5 classic pieces do you think every fashionista should have?

A: Every fashionista should have : A black Fitted Blazer, denim skirt, printed high waisted trousers, a statement necklace and not forgetting a biker jacket!


Q: You seem to have a great love for shoes and handbags, please tell us a bit about your personal collection and what your favourite brands are.

A: I am a self proclaimed shoe and bag addict, I love bold colours. All my bags and shoes are my faves 😦 I never want to give anything away. There’s pairs I haven’t even worn yet but I feel like I always need a new pair! A girl can never have enough shoes/bags.  My favourite brands in terms of handbags would have to be Prada, their pieces are just classy, and in terms of shoes Louboutin and Valentino.


Q: And finally, you seem to have such a puristic love for fashion, where did this emerge from?

A: I never used to care much about fashion as a teen, I think this is because I wasn’t exposed to much as I lived outside of London. But this all changed when I moved to the city, living in London has definitely made me love fashion even more.


You can follow Carina on Twitter and Instagram , her handle is @Ms_Rii 🙂




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